Will To Live Online Review

Will To Live Review
Whenever I see a post apocalyptic FPS I am always down to give it a try especially if it claims to be an MMORPG. Kill monsters, explore, drink some vodka with my new Russian pals and save the day, what more could I want. Will to Live online is a new early access first person shooter on Steam. It is a massive multiplayer online role playing game to come from Alphasoft LLC from what I can gather, is a new game company to join the fray with Will to Live Online being their opening title. As soon as I saw the trailer I was immediately intrigued, it reminded me a lot of the Fallout and Metro 2033 franchise and has a striking resemblance of Nether and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Here is my Will To Live Online review.

Will To Live Online Review.

The game starts with you in the starter city and have to report to the medical tent where you talk to the doctor and he tell you to go get your first gun and start doing quests, the same sort of formula most MMORPG’s use to ease you into its game. The controls are very standard with WASD being movement right click aim left click shoot shift sprint and so on. Will To Live Online Review

Will To Live Online NDP Radiation.

Soon people starting discovering these strange rocks which emitted a strange type of radiation which was later called NDP radiation, It was unlike anything that had been discovered. As soon as it was discovered scientists around the world starting experimenting with it. On animals and other non human living organisms it caused massive mutation, however on humans it caused regeneration, even the most severe wounds would heal rather quickly by only using this radiation. As the years went on more and more discoveries were made with this NDP radiation, from new instruments in the medical industry and even using it as a power source, it was a discovery golden age. But bad things come as quickly as good things, a global catastrophe happened like an atom bomb all over the world. Many died from this incident but as it stopped another threat appeared, the monsters of the new world. The remaining military and people banded together to fight off this new plague. Some scientists were still alive with functioning labs and as a preventative measure they developed a shield using the NDP radiation which kept the monsters out so the people placed these in all of their cities to ensure safe haven. Will To Live Online Review

Thoughts On Will To Live Online.

In my opinion this game is a bit of fun but it does quickly become tedious with the quests being very similar. The enemies are good, the environments are very pretty but still need some work it is an early access so graphics are the priority which I believe to be fair enough, but the gun play feels very nice and natural. So far I haven’t experienced any bugs which was to be honest surprising but a very welcomed surprise. But the few issues I did have is that there isn’t really any player interaction and if you are playing on a PVP (player vs player) server it puts you into PK (player killing) zones rather quickly and that leveling up is very slow. Will To Live Online Review

What Does The Future Hold For Will To Live Online?

But I am very excited to see where this game does. It has huge potential with a growing fan base very frequent updates and a developer that seems to listen to their fans and can be quite easily played solo or in a group. Heaps of things have been added, tweaked and fixed since their release on the 5th of April this year. I personally think this game could become something great, I just hope that it doesn’t get abandoned. I think this game is worth a buy but be patient as I said earlier levelling does take a while and it does need a lot of optimisation, more graphical updates and more interesting quests so all in all it needs a lot of work and has a long road to completion. Thank you for taking the time out to read my Will To Live Online Review. Price: £11.39 ($14.99 USD) Verdict: 6.5/10 Written by Jack Adam-De-Villiers Here you can follow me on YouTube

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