Top 5 Multiplayer Games To Split Screen At Home

Top 5 Multiplayer Games to Split Screen At Home

Take a second to think. When was the last time you played a multiplayer game with a group of friends. I don’t mean Call of Duty online or Fortnite in a squad. I mean the good old fashioned, in the same room multiplayer game. In the past meeting up with friends chilling out and playing games was the norm. I’m trying to bring back the laughs and good times you experience with solid multiplayer offerings. So here’s my top 5 multiplayer games to split screen at home. Now these will be over different consoles but all are for up to at least 4 players on the same screen so with that being said, let’s jump straight into it.

Trials XBOX 360

5) Trials (Xbox 360/Xbox one/PS4)

“No way, excitebike, four players” is what I thought when I first heard about Trials multiplayer. Now let me explain, for what is showing my age, when I was a kid I played excitebike round my friend Sam’s house on his Nintendo (Nes). A motocross game where you would race from left to right on the screen trying to be the first past the finish line and win.Then many years later came Trials multiplayer .Originally for the Xbox 360 and eventually finding its way to PS4 in the form of Trials Fusion.

Up to four players take on each other across multiple motocross races using a hand full of bikes. Grab four pads chose a selection of tracks and race away. Top points at the end of the races wins. Highly entertaining especially when you put bail out wins on it leads to some hilarious cross the line finishes.

Buzz PS3

4) BUZZ (PS2/PS3)

We are going back to the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 for this one. Find your local games outlet or charity shop and and try to get hold of one of the many versions of BUZZ. Dust off the your old consoles and prepare for a quiz game like no other. Four players each have control of a buzz official buzzer used to answer thousands of questions from multiple categories amongst a variety of different rounds. Fastest finger, point stealer and look before you leap are just a few of the different round types you can find here.So for your very own quiz night grab your friends and check this out.

Infinite Minigolg PlayStation 4

3) Infinite Minigolf (PS4)

A simple but addictive mini golf game. aim, pull the analogue stick back and ‘four’. once you get bored of the many preset courses, each with their own differences depending on what difficulty you chose, enjoy endless courses due to its easily accessible random course option which gives you a selection of holes from the thousands available created by users online. Light hearted minigolf fun for all the family.

Mario Kart 64 Nintendo 64

2)Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)

What can I say about Mario kart 64. There’s not much to say. In my opinion the greatest multiplayer racing game ever made.The tracks vary from the simpler moo moo farm to the frustration that is rainbow road. Choose your racer from a selection of your favourite Mario characters from peach to bowser and race away.

Up to four players race it out over 16 different tracks. When your done racing try your hand at battle mode. Try to pop your opponents three balloons while protecting your own. Only one is left standing only one can be crowned victorious. Mario Kart 64 was and still is truly a masterpiece.

worms ps1

1) Worms (PS1)

This for me holds a special place. Back when i was young I came across worms. I spent countless hours with friends not only playing but also chatting about the times we’d played WORMS. The most over the top multiplayer combat war game I had ever seen. There wasn’t anything like this around the time of Toonstruck (a proper hidden gem).

The premise is simple you have four worms, you use the weapons you have or acquire to take out your opponents on randomly generated battlefields. Flying super sheep, banana bombs concrete donkeys I mean the names alone are intriguing. It can take some time to understand and master the many weapons items and mechanics but put a little time in and you and your friends will be talking about worms for years to come. Still available across multiple platforms from the original 2D versions to the 3D versions it’s a must play.

Therefore this game is a must have for any group of friends looking to have fun playing a solid multiplayer game in the same room. Team 17, I salute you!

So there you have it my top 5 multiplayer games to split screen at home. So it’s time to dust off the old consoles, and let the good times role. Call your friends and family get yourself one of these and enjoy a night of multiplayer gaming at its best.

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  1. Very nice article! Buzz games were too good when they came out. I want to try a PS4 game called Hidden Agenda which uses link play with your phones for up to 6 players i read. Looking forward to your next article

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