The Division 2 CONFIRMED Weapon Talents

The Division 2 Weapon Talents

With the new The Division 2 game play footage and trailers released at E3 2018 there has been plenty to divulge. From the focus city being, the capital, Washington DC to the 8 man raids. But what I wanted to focus on over the next few articles is things you may not have picked up on unless you’ve got a very keen eye of course.

We have learnt, and I must stress, it’s only from what we’ve seen so far. Is that firearms, stamina and electronics although have a visual representation in the game DO NOT affect builds in The Division 2. This may change once we get nearer to the release date, but from what I understand this is the case. Meaning we will find everyone will have similar builds on the face of it, making the game more user friendly and bridging the gap between the grinders and casual players. To strengthen my point even more, weapon mods like scopes, grips, magazines and muzzles, will not be a lootable item. They will be unlockable for their relevant weapons through missions, kills and challenges. A bit similar to the way you unlock weapon attachments in Call of Duty.

The Division 2 CONFIRMED Weapon Talents

I have some concerns on that front regarding the grind for those special mods or even crafting them. But I’ll address those in my next video. I want to concentrate on where we will see the diversity between builds? I mean everyone can’t have the same builds right?

Well the diversity seems to lie within the brand sets and the weapon talents. Again we will talk about the brand sets in another article when we have a bit more information about them. But as for the weapon talents, they seem to be a lot more buffed in The Division 2. With bonuses similar to those of classified gear sets..

So let’s take a look at some of the new weapon talents coming in The Division 2.

The Division 2 Weapon Talents.

Hemorrhage- Killing a bleeding target increases critical hit chance by 25% for all members for 10 seconds.

Now straight away it clearly screams Predator Mark and you’d be right to do so. People have a lot of split opinions on Predator Mark. You either love using it or you hate dying to it.. So instead of an after bleed effect causing the target a whole host of problems. They’ve changed it to a player buff or should we say a team buff.. in a similar way your medical, tech and security talents work now.

The Division 2 CONFIRMED Weapon Talents

In my opinion this is a great idea to take the divided opinion on Predators Mark away and implement it in a under the radar style. Also you don’t have to concentrate on one target with hemorrhage making it even more deadly.

Sadist- Damage done to bleeding targets is increased by 15%
Requires- Over 15% Critical Hit Chance

It is unclear at the release date of this video if you will be able to have more than one weapon talent at any given time. From the footage available each weapon does only have one talent.. whether or not that’s only on a certain level weapon and you get more on high tier weapons is yet to be known. But if you could have more than one then Sadist would couple nicely with hemorrhage.

This maybe a little lower in percentage than hemorrhage but the damage is instant to a bleeding target rather than having to kill someone first. And it’s straight up damage not critical hit chance.

The Division 2 CONFIRMED Weapon Talents

Lock and Load- Reloading from empty increases weapon damage by 20% for 5 seconds.

Although nothing like it, I can help thinking about the Lone Star gear set. Giving that little advantage based around reloading or swamping of weapons. Out of the 3 mentioned so far this will probably be used as much as the lone star gear set is now.. which is not very often!

You’ve got to use every bullet in the magazine first of all which may cause problems if you kill someone with a few bullets left, is it worth getting those bullets off on your next target who could potentially kill you with a full clip?

For a 5 second buff absolutely not.

Unless there’s something we haven’t seen yet where these weapon talents match up with other talents or attributes, I cannot see this being a fan favourite.

Vengeance- Headshot damage is increased by 100% for 15 seconds after your armour is broken.

Now the keyword here for me is YOUR.. At first I thought ahh great this would handy during raids once a MVP loses its armour you could whip your sniper out and take him out with ease. But if that isn’t a typo and it is aimed at your character. This could still cause a whole lot of trouble for any expected rogue. The word vengeance suggests it’s your.. well.. vengeance on the enemy whilst you’re on your last legs.

I can image this would be really useful when you get in those close quarter trade offs, were you pump a clip into each other until one of you are victorious.. this could be the game changer.

The Division 2 CONFIRMED Weapon Talents

Close and Personal- kills while close double next shot damage.

This is clearly aimed towards shotgun players, I mean I wouldn’t use it for anything else. If there was a shotgun hybrid with an assault rifle or SMG through the brand sets, this would be a deadly combination. You could kill someone with your automatic weapon and switch to the shotgun for that initial damage.

I’ve never personally been a shotgun player but this could work really well even for the casual player.

Unrelenting- Hitting enemies increases Critical Hit Chance by 5%. This bonus stacks up to 10 times. Missing a target removes all stacks.

Clearly this is the equivalent to the current Striker Gear Set. If the wording is correct this has the potential of getting up to 50% critical hit chance. This would be ideal for a build that is stacked into critical damage or anything but critical hit chance. If assault rifles come with standard critical hit damage like they do now and you then stack everything major into Critical Hit Damage with a little health, then if you can imagine half of those bullets doing hitting crits. YEAH! You’d be a walking death machine..

I’m calling it now.. this will be the first nerf!

The Division 2 raids CONFIRMED

Kill Confirmed- Headshot kills grant 10% damage. Stacks up to 10 times. All non headshots reset the bonus.
Requires- Over 140% Headshot Damage.

I don’t quite get the wording of this properly. I mean surely a headshot kill is just 1 shot.. and you’d have to kill 10 people without missing a headshot to not reset the bonus? If the word kill wasn’t there it’d make more sense, it’d then be similar to the previous talent unrelenting.

This is clearly aimed towards PvE and snipers. So picking off MvPs from afar. I don’t see this getting used in many other situations. But yeah the wording needs adjusting.

Pyromaniac- Damage done to targets on fire is increased by 15%
Requires- Over 10% Weapon Damage

The OG players will remember the original Gear Set Firecrest and Pyromanic having the exact same effect as the 4 piece bonus that it offered. People did use this gear set in the DZ and if tailored right, it could be lethal. Again I think this would suit a PvE build p, maybe in the raids being used for crowd control during waves.

This is all the talents I’ve noticed up to now that will be in The Division 2 but I highly expect their to be plenty more. For instance Hemorrhage is the only team based talent in the list and if you take into consideration how many weapon and player talents there are in The Division. I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface.

The Division 2 CONFIRMED Weapon Talents

Also there isn’t enough diversity above to suggest that’s it for The Division 2. I really hope not as it will mean perfecting your builds won’t take long at all.. and the game won’t have the same pulling power as it’s predecessor. I mean, yes I had some time away from the game but I’m still perfecting builds now 3 years on.

Only time will tell and my personally opinion is that this is just a sneak preview of what to expect on March 15th 2019.

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Well that’s it for today’s guys, thanks for sticking around and until next time, take care.

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