The Division 2 Control Points & Gear Sets

The Division 2 Control Points and Gear Sets

Today we’re going to discuss some of the confirmed news emerging from The Devs at Ubisoft. Creative Director Julian Gerighty and Game Director Matheus Carlson boasted that their living world is a huge investment and they genuinely believe it will have a major impact on how the game is played. It will offer emergent game play from a living world that other games promised but never fulfilled. So let’s take a look at some of the key additions that have been confirmed that will make and impact the division 2.

The Division 2 Control Points CONFIRMED!

Firstly we’re going to look at Control Points, for those who are wondering what controls point are, they’re similar to the world bosses in the division, but they’re going to have a bigger purpose this time around. Julian Gerighty said “We showed a control point based around a crashed Air Force One and securing that will help the civilians and settlements with resources. You can lose that controls point and it becomes a meta game around the open world. It has nothing to do with main missions or side missions. It will add a layer to how the game is played.”

The Division 2 Concept Art

It’s also worth pointing out that the control points, if we didn’t intervene, would see the civilians themselves could capture a control point without us getting involved. You could arrive mid fight and decide to join in or simple walk away.

For me I feel this is going to be an amazing feature in the division 2, it does sound like a revamp of those pesky activities that upgraded the medical, tech and security wing on paper. But I do feel like there is going to be a lot more diversity about them. I personally think that it won’t be as simple as just rushing out and dropping the name bosses in seconds. I feel you’ll have to be setup with the right specialisations and brand set to take down different types of MVPs.

The Division 2 Concept Art

Supplying civilians and settlements with resources is also a intriguing topic. Are we going to see settlements have an impact after the story? Providing steady funds or crafting parts to the agents? Only time will tell but what is clear is it will generate a lot of replay value. Julian Gerighty went on to say “The whole progression game, the whole campaign is a power journey. It’s something to be experienced. It’s a good thing, it’s going to be a fun ride!

The Division 2 Gear Sets CONFIRMED!

Next up Gear Sets, that’s right Matthias Karlson confirmed that Brand Sets are not a replacement for Gear Sets and that they will come later. He said “ Brand Sets are not replacements for Gear Sets but they function very similar. All gear comes with a brand, bringing their own profile and style. We then take it further with Gear Sets when they come into play. Bringing in more build play style choice. In the gear game and the levelling journey as well.”

The Division 2 Concept Art

It will be interesting to see if the Gear Sets have Brand Sets as well.. so say for instance Strikers Gear Set was in The a Division 2 and you had a full 6 piece, but they suffered because they didn’t have the same brand sets. Now that would be an awesome feature to push the Gear Sets that little bit further and unique. Because I did always think that there were many gears and weapons in Division 1 under used because of lack of diversity. I mean, imagine the amount of gear set variants, mixing and matching 2 Brand Sets to tailor your build?

Matthias Karlson went to say “You have to think about the brand sets during the levelling journey as well”.

The Division 2 Concept Art

So that’s gives a lot of food for thought in the sense the missions may take a certain brand set combination and teamwork to get through. Similar to the way incursions work just not as difficult.

Overall I do feel we’ve only scratched the service with what to expect in March. At the end of the day we have only had a snippet of what’s to come. But it seems the devs are hell bent on correcting their wrongs from last time. There was a lack of content and when it finally came it was paid DLC. This time around however we’re getting a lot more straight off the bat. More map which will mean more missions and hopefully more in-depth side missions for the avid PvE players. More activities, with the control points being one of my most anticipated features.

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