Superhot Games with Gold Review

Superhot Games With Gold Review

Xbox’s second free game of the month for the last half of March and first half of April is Superhot, a first-person shooter that gives players the ability to manipulate time itself. Here is my Superhot Games with Gold Review.

Superhot, much like last month’s Trials of the Blood Dragon, is a pure trial-and-error game. In order to pass each level, you must eliminate all of your enemies with anything you find in the environment including a few different guns, katana swords, cups, telephones, briefcases, and even your bare fists. Each level is different and has a different number of enemies players need to eliminate before earning completion.

Superhot Games With Gold Review

What makes Superhot so unique is the time-slowing mechanics of the game. Just as in action games like Max Payne, you can slow down time. However, unlike in those games, in Superhot time only stands still when you do. This means that enemies and even bullets stop (or are extremely slowed down) when your character stands still. This allows players the ability to plan out their route, scope the area for enemies, and how to get their next kill.

It took some time to really get the hang of the time-altering mechanics of Superhot. Learning exactly how much time will pass with each step, preparing for how long it will take to reload as time is skipping along with your movements, aiming your shots to where an enemy will be once you start moving again, and more.

Superhot Games With Gold Review

Some levels can be infuriating because as soon as you are hit once, you die. Adding to that frustration is the fact that there are no checkpoints in any of the levels so you have to clear them all in one life in order to pass. On many occasions I found myself with a single enemy to eliminate only to be cut down by a stray bullet that I did not see coming and being forced to start the level over from the beginning.

It was satisfying when I finally beat a level I was having a difficult time with and the game lets you watch a full-speed replay of your run through the level, which was fun to watch except for the irritating monotone voice repeating “SUPER HOT” as the words flash across the screen. That was probably the worst part of the entire game.

Superhot Games With Gold Review

The graphics in Superhot are both minimalist and stunning. The red enemies that pepper each level and the full black weapons and items stand out against the all-white backgrounds of the levels.

Overall, I thought the game was fun, even though the story mode was short and some of the levels could be frustrating. The challenge and endless modes really give this game a relatively high replay value if you like seeing red enemies shatter on your screen. I believe Superhot would have been a much better experience playing with a virtual reality headset where the time-stop mechanics could be fully utilized and you feel fully immersed in the game.

Verdict: 6/10

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