Q and A With YouTuber Lost My Sanity

Lost My Sanity Q and A

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Dark Souls YouTuber, Lost My Sanity. Growing to over 50,000 YouTube subscribers, it is fair to say things are going pretty well. We wanted to ask some off the cuff questions to find out a bit more about the man behind the channel and see what his long terms goals are going forward.

Ever wondered what equipment YouTubers and Streamers use? You can find links to all the products used below. So with that being said, let’s get into our Q and A with YouTuber Lost My Sanity.

Thank you for joining us today, first things first, tell us a bit about you and your YouTube channel?

Lets get the boring stuff outta the way shall we? I am currently a 30 year old man with pink hair, who works as middlemanagment at survey company. Thats my real job, thats what feeds me for the moment, however my youtube channel is starting to make a respectable dent in my bills.

My channels main focus is dark souls series. You see, I started doing some Dark Souls videos just for the fun of it, and then… I totally forgot about them. Little short of a year later I realised that my channel had acquired about 300 subs. Which was cool so I tried to make some more… and when I made a video called the “Pale Man Invasions” things really started to pick up. I went from 500 to 2000 in a few months and a year later I had 30,000.

YouTuber Lost My Sanity Q and A

I think people started to subscribe to me because of the way I played. I just don’t kill invade people and kill them normally. I lay traps, I pretend to be friendly before i stab them in the back. And I did that while framing the videos as short stories where my character the Pale Man, a psychotic murderer with a decent sense of humour, played the protagonist. So honestly I kinda fell into the whole YouTube thing. That being said I have studied theatre and have been writing stories my whole life so it did fit. Hopefully in a year or two I will have made YouTube my full time gig.

What or who inspired you to start your YouTube channel?

Its funny because I didn’t really get inspired… well maybe that’s not quite true since my first video was basically a copy of another YouTubers video. But it wasn’t like I was overwhelmed by the skill it took to make the video. It was more “huh, that looks fun”. I didn’t really follow many creators in the dark souls community until I started making videos myself. The one exception was Epic Name Bro. He made some lore videos and lets plays. He was actually one of my very first subscriptions on YouTube.

YouTuber Lost My Sanity Q and A

You’re currently covering Dark Souls 3 on your YouTube channel, What is it about that game that’s appealing?

Well there are many, MANY different reasons to love the Dark Souls series. Some love it for the combat and level design. Others love it for the way it blends its storytelling with exploration. Nothing in the game is given. It is all earned, even the story. And yes, I love it for all of the reasons above but there is something more… the game gives you the ability to invade others peoples games. It gives you the ability to play cat and mouse games. You can interact with people in a way, few other games allow.

You can have moments of fantastic comebacks from the brink of death, you can drop items for your opponent then stab them in the back if they are foolish enough to trust you. There are many different stories to tell and those stories are the videos I make. Also the souls community is a very passionate community so that also helps with the views. I started making dark souls videos simply because it was fun. And I continue to do so because its still fun.

YouTuber Lost My Sanity Q and A

YouTube videos and Live Streaming are two different ways to share your gaming content.. what are the benefits of both?

Well that simple enough really. Doing live streams allow me to interact with my audience and they get to experience the charming, handsome, bearded, nice smelling, lobster hating, lovable personality that is me. Live streaming is more performance, while youtube is about that craftable experience. That’s how I look at it.

I get my attention fix doing Twitch. And I get to stretch my creative muscles on YouTube.

From a Business point of view its not that different. You just gotta make sure to give your audience a steady stream of content. Luckily for me I get to make record content while streaming that i can later turn into YouTube videos.

Favourite movies and TV shows?

Oooh… we’re playing a dangerous game here… I can never really decide. I guess my favourite movie is The Professional. Its about this assassin who takes in a young girl when her family is slaughtered by corrupt cops. My favourite tv show is probably The Shield where corrupt cops does corrupt cop things. Im a sucker for anti heroes. I also love the Powerpuff Girls.. Moving on..

YouTuber Lost My Sanity Q and A

Favourite music/bands?

Nasir Jones… Im a big fan of rap and hip hop but I love most music if its well made. Been listening to a lot of Elton John lately

What other YouTubers are you subscribed to?

I do a lot of collabs with my friend Fighterpl… we are kinda partners in crime. Other than that I watch a lot of video essay channels like the nerdwriter, Naked Jakey and lessons from the screenplay. I love learning and these guys makes learning fun. I love games as well. Last game I fell in love with was persona 5. The Persona series does a wonderful job of marrying game play and story.

Show us your setup! Figuratively speaking of course..

Well as for as equipment I use the Astro A50 headset, but not the mic. Thats an iRig Studio Mic. I also use an Elgato HD60 for capture on PS4. I like the Elgato HD60 because you just plug in the thing and “viola”… its working.

YouTuber Lost My Sanity Q and A

Words of advice for any potential YouTubers?

Make a lot of videos and dont be a perfectionist. Youtube is not about polish its about texture. If you have a funny video, then nobody will care if it looks amatureish. Try a few things and when you find something that works (and you enjoy, thats super important) keep doing that

•What does the future hold for you and your YouTube channel?

For now I am focusing on getting better at editing. The Remaster of Dark Souls 1 just got released and there is still steam left in Dark Souls 3. I might try out a few new games but my focus is still on souls. We also got another game from the developers of dark souls that i am eagerly awaiting but we know next to nothing about that yet.

For now I will focus on the grind!

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  1. I appreciate that Lost My Sanity often make his videos in a storytelling form, pretty unique and amusing

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