Pixelated Character QUIZ

Pixelated Character QUIZ

Gaming Character QUIZ

Gaming has had its fair share of icons throughout the years with some being so iconic even non gamers know who they are, here's to you you plumbing legend. We remember when we first saw them and the titles they appear in. That being said I've put together a quiz of 20 game characters for you to tackle. All you need to know is the characters name not the game they are from. Some will be easy and obvious, others are trickier and a couple which only the true hardcore gamer will know. I will leave a list in the comments section below of the games these are all from. Use it as a separate quiz you could do along with this if you feel. 

Oh did I mention all pictures will be pixelated. Good luck and leave your scores down below in the comments section. With all that being said lets begin

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