Our Team

Roy Thomas
Content King
Proud Father, Fiance and gamer in that order! I over see things at the Gaming LAD, I liaise with the writers, run social media content and work with the admins and moderators in our groups.
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Robert Goodrich
Retro Writer
Hey guys, I am Robert and I'm a writer here at the Gaming LAD. I am on a mission to hunt down and experience every classic JRPG from the PSone era!
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Anthony Giudice
Hey guys, I love to play video games and I love to write about gaming. I am a Jack of All Trades when it comes to gaming and I play a bunch of different genres from retro to new releases.
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Ernest Salgado
Social Media Guru
Hey guys, I am a massive PlayStation gamer who is part of the admin on the Gaming LAD Facebook page and group. I also love a bit of Nintendo and Sega focused retro gaming.
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Jack Adam-De-Villiers

Hey I'm Jack. I am a PC gamer and I mainly play FPS and survival games. I am part of the writing team and I cover PC games here at Gaming LAD.

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Thomas Smith

Hey guys, Tom here, nickname Mr Click. From Bioshock to Bound the NES to PS4. I enjoy all aspects of gaming especially when it brings something different.

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Marcos Pisanis
JRPG Gamer and Writer

Just your neighborhood JRPG gamer here who mostly enjoys Shin Megami Tensei, Kingdom Hearts and obscure RPG's suggested by anyone. When not gaming or writing for GamingLAD, I'm writing my own short stories and novels and writing on my personal blog!

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