Kerbal Space Program Making History Expansion

Kerbal Space Program Making History Expansion

Kerbal Space Program has already been out for several years, gaining popularity within the years of 2011-2013 when it became a part of Steam’s early access program. The game is popular with fans of all ages of many backgrounds and has peaked creativity in many. But what really peaks most players and fans alike is the prospect of something brand new and exciting from Squad. The Kerbal Space Program Making History Expansion.

From away with words and newer updates, this has finally been the refresh players have wanted to have for a very long time. Even though the developer Squad is owned by Take Two Interactive, they stated in an article that they were going to remain the same independent game studio they once were and were happy to become a part of the Take Two Interactive team.

Kerbal Space Program Making History Expansion

With such a successful game and insight from the United States Government owned agency NASA (national aeronautic space administration) and entrepreneur Elon Musk, Owner Of SpaceX, the future not only looks bright for the base game, but for the ideas and concepts coming along from the daring step to produce an expansion. Even though the expansion has already been released in March of this year, it still has been producing Hype and excitability among fans.

The Making History expansion as its name implies is an add-on to the pre-existing content for Kerbal Space program such as the updates and will most certainly not corrupt saves if installed correctly. The Expansion currently costs £11.10 in the United Kingdom and its territories and $14.95 in the United States. It has shown promising results in people who have bought the Making History Expansion but reviews are mixed.

Kerbal Space Program Making History Expansion

So far on Steam, the reviews are 6/10 which means more than half the player base likes the expansion. The other 40% for miscellaneous reasons do not like the expansion or think some objects or mechanics could’ve been improved rather than just adding new content. But the new content it adds includes a mission builder, new part options and a plethora of creativity just waiting to be untapped by the player.

The production team has already stated that it comes with a simple UI and its “History Pack” Which includes pre-made missions for the player to explore and complete. It also includes new Soviet and American space-race themed items such as fairings, command pods, and many more items that are essential to the selling point of the game other than the new in-game options.

Kerbal Space Program Making History Expansion

The features most players are excited for is the fact that the player can now make island runways, and a new “Woomerang” Launch site. The added plus to this game’s expansion is the fact that it is free to whomever bought the game before May 1st 2013 so for those players, they receive the DLC as if it were an automatic update.

In conclusion to this article about the Kerbal Space Program Making History Expansion, It has it’s up’s and down’s such as every other game out there, if someone is really a good fan of Kerbal Space program, this may be the DLC for them, for anyone else, it is worth a try especially during a Steam sale. This is a large step for such a great game which started out as a simple edutainment project.

Verdict: 7/10

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