Hunt: Showdown Review

Hunt Showdown Review
Have you ever woken up one day and just thought to yourself, “Man, I wonder what it would be like to be a monster hunter in Louisiana in the year 1895”… no? Well neither have I but boy do I have a game for you. Hunt: Showdown, it has it all, Zombies, swamps Wasp ladies and spiders the size of a Toyota Yaris. So here is my Hunt: Showdown Review. Hunt: Showdown is currently being developed by Crytek using the cryengine. Who if you don’t know is the company behind the Crysis series. With a legacy like that on their resume you know this game will become something truly remarkable. Currently it is in early access on Steam for £25.99 ($29.99 USD) and has been available since February this year. Hunt Showdown Review Hunt: Showdown is a bounty hunter game with a large focus on PVE with some elements of PVP which combines with a slight horror aspect during night time levels. The objective of the game is to kill the level boss and extract with the bounty which then transfers to money. The game is rather simple in essence and can be enjoyed either solo or duo play. There are up to I believe ten players per map who are all competing for the same bounty so not everyone will profit or even survive a map. When you open the game you’ll start with some money so you can buy items and guns but you don’t need to as all hunters have gear when you recruit them. Select recruit and pick the coolest looking hunter there. Hunt Showdown Review At the beginning of each round you select your spawn point between two options and if you are playing duo you can choose to spawn and two seperate locations but doing so would hinder your chances if one of you were to come up against another team early on. To locate the boss you need to find three clues and to track these clues it has a very unique system which I like to call “spooky vision”. The world around goes dark when you use it and the clue is indicated as a blue essence. When you locate one it will cordon off part of your map to angle you towards the next clue. When you find the last clue the boss location is revealed. But you can get very lucky; on a few of my playthroughs my first clue was the boss location which drastically sped up the pace of game. Discover the boss, kill it and banish it. That process takes several minutes and this broadcasts your location to every other player still alive in the map. Get that bounty get to an extraction and enjoy that sweet sweet cash money. Hunt Showdown Review As a feature in the game there is also permadeath. Your account doesn’t get blocked or anything like that, it means that the hunter that you were playing gets killed and can’t be used again, so you would need to recruit another hunter with ingame currency. You may find yourself in a position with zero dollars but don’t worry there is still hope. Sell all of your items and you can recruit a hunter for free. Each round can include solo and duo players. I have come up against duos quite a few times which I believe is a feature in the game rather than a bug but I could be mistaken. After all game you get EXP even if you die. There are two levelling systems: for the hunter providing he survived and your profile. As your profile levels you get access to more items and weapons. But when your hunter levels you can increase his health and he can be given traits which can give you a massive edge in a fight. Hunt Showdown Review I have dabbled with this game quite a bit, and I was even lucky enough to be in the closed alpha and I really enjoyed this game. The gunplay feels natural and you can almost feel the shot as you make it. The environments are extremely detailed (for an alpha game) and the NPCs are interesting and challenging without being frustrating. But with all of this being said, it is still an early access game. Thus, early access games have problems no matter who is developing it. The problems I have experienced are long load times, long waits for match making, unclear instructions on how to play and annoying bugs especially in the closed alpha. But these problems are being addressed and fixed by active developers who value feedback form their community and respond to queries and concerns. They have provided a detailed roadmap of development, which is why I endorse this game. Hunt Showdown Review Hunt: Showdown is being developed by Crytek, the incredible company behind the Crysis series, with that on their resume you know this game will become something truly remarkable. Currently it is in early access on Steam for £25.99 ($29.99 USD) and has been available since February this year. All in all despite the bugs and issues I have experienced I would recommend this to anyone. Verdict: 8.5 – 10 Written By: Jack Adam-De-Villiers | YouTube

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