5 People From Kratos’s Past in God of War

5 People From Kratos's Past in God of War

Before I start my 5 People From Kratos’s Past in this God of War article, I think I have to mention that God of War is my favourite series of games ever. When i first saw some screen shots and footage of the game on the PS2 I was blown away, Abz I still remember the cliff footage. I had played this type of game before, devil may cry, Prince of Persia, Onimusha, to name a few, but this had something that gripped me. Rife with Greek mythology and a dark mystery around the main character I knew I had to keep my eye on this original IP and play it. Little did i know it would become my favourite franchise in gaming of all time.

So fast forward 13 years and God of War is here on PS4. I thought I’d try to bring you something a little different Kratos’s Past in God of War. A small back story on Kratos’s Past in God of War. There’s some of the Greek gods he has encountered plus a couple less known people which I feel you should know. There is plenty of other people within the God of War universe you can look up up including a lot of the gods and people from Greek mythology. I may eventually do a follow up but for now here are a few who I think can introduce you to a little of Kratos’s Past in God of War before the likes of Atreus, Faye, Freya, or Mimir.

This is not a complete backstory of each person, nor a Greek mythology lesson on each but more a gateway for you to look up there stories if you feel to…. So let’s begin! Here are 5 People From Kratos’s Past in God of War.

God of War Athena

5) Athena

Athena is an important goddess to Kratos. The only god to hope for peace within Kratos. She guided Kratos, she looked over him, tried to protect him as best as she could. He believed she could save him from the past he tried to erase. Kratos assumed Athena could of rid him of the vision’s of awful things he had done and the nightmares that haunted him every night. But the promise she made was not all it seemed. No God can erase a man’s actions from his memory. Being one of the only people who saw Kratos for more than what he was sadly she would eventually die at his hands.

God of War Ares


“Ares!! Destroy my enemies and my life is yours”.

Words that will stay with Kratos for all eternity. Shouting out to Ares Kratos sacrifices everything for help from the God of war. In a gruesome battle between Kratos’s spartan army and the vicious violent brutal Barbarians close to his defeat calling for a God’s help seemed like Kratos only hope. Granting his wish Ares appeared from the sky before him presenting the blades of chaos plus the backing of a god to destroy every and all of his enemies. Ares knew Kratos would forever be in his debt. He would be the God who would orchestrate Kratos’s biggest regret but also give him his place among the gods.

God of War Zeus

3) Zeus

The god of Olympus. The ruler of all. The father to Kratos.  Anything he does not approve of does not exist. Zeus imprisoned his own father Chronos to forever hold Pandora’s temple on his back as a punishment. He cheated death with the help of GAIA, his protector when young, but this meant nothing to Zeus. Ruthless and ruling he sees over Olympus with a feared and firm hand. Yet fears the oracle’s prophecy of the marked one bringing the destruction of Olympus. Failing in his first attempt he orchestrates and manipulates everything Kratos tries to do. But in the end Kratos will kill his father but not before he destroys everything in his past and everything associated with Olympus.

God of War Deimos

2) Deimos

The real marked warrior will be overseen by the gods due to Zeus’s failure. Deimos was Kratos’s only sibling, his little brother. With marks on his body Deimos stood out around all within Sparta. Born into a Spartan family the two were destined to be warriors, they were never apart, training in the spartan ways daily. Kratos was hard on Deimos, it was the Spartan way.

Then one day the oracle foretold a prophecy. She told the Gods that a marked mortal would bring the destruction of Olympus. Whoever had control of the marked warrior would control Olympus. This worried Zeus so Ares and Athena were ordered to seek out and bring the marked one to him. Once captured Ares took Deimos to Thanatos’s realm not knowing the real marked warrior was still free. Forever hoping his brother Kratos would come to save him he did not. Deimos grew crazy as time past by the torture and solitude had made him grow more and more angry towards the one he called brother.

God of War Lysandra

1) Calliope/Lysandra

Kratos first wife and child forever stay in his mind. He would go to many battles spill blood and kill many people but would always return to them. The only women who could ever truly understand the anger inside him. His beloved daughter who knew nothing of the awful things he had done.
Lysandra his wife no matter what had happened stood by his side always there when the stresses of battle haunted him. Calliope his beautiful daughter. The only person who did not know his true self. She would play the flute he had made for her and when hearing the soothing melody it would ease the thoughts of what he had done in the name of Ares.

Saying goodbye to the only two he truly loved Kratos leaves to go to battle in the name of Ares. Ordered to lead his spartan army to kill everyone and burn a village In the name of the god of war Kratos followed orders. Little did he know that it was a cruel trick which would lead him to killing his wife and child forever holding anger and hatred towards the God of War. The Ghost of Sparta from this day forth would be his name. He would be covered in his wife and child’s ashes a curse set on him too forever remind him of the horrible thing he had done.

So there you have it, my 5 people from Kratos’s past in God of War, hopefully giving you the interest to going and checking out the past of the man they call the Ghost of Sparta.

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