Ghost Recon: Wildlands – One Year Review

Ghost Recon Wildlands - One Year Review

Almost a year ago, Ubisoft launched one of their best shooter-style game to this date. Sure with several games like this as; The Division or Rainbow Six Siege (which I am gonna talk about in an other article), Wildlands had to be a great game from the beginning if the dev-techs wanted to catch attention from the hardcore PvP players of the previous games. Here is my Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Wildlands – One Year Review.

As an hardcore fan of the cross-style between 1st & 3rd person shooter since the early Ghost Recon games (I am proud to say that I stand 9th in the world in a mission in Advanced Warfighter 2) I was thrilled when I saw the trailers. Of course when the beta came available, I downloaded it. Played it all the weekend long, went through it, as only two areas were open for the trial version. In my mind, is was clear that, as soon as the game was to be released, I was adding it to my collection. And I did. It went for sale on the tuesday. I bought it on the very next friday. And then for the next 125 hours, no one heard from me. I took my time, discovered areas by areas, getting it all 100% (in fact it’s more 115%) before continuing to the next one. For almost two weeks, one of my buddies and I were like… Ghosts. (puns intended!). Private chat room. Private server. We did what we knew. At first we started at the “normal” difficulty level and we were like Stallone in Ramdo and Schwarzenneger in Commando. No stealth. Big automatics rifles. But we soon realized that it was too easy. As he was a Division elite player and I am a former Ghost Recon player. So, to add to the challenge, we ended up at the “extreme” level. The challenge was there. Oh f*ck, yes, the challenge is there!

Ghost-Recon-Wildlands- El Sueno

The game. The real game starts at “extreme”. Santa Blanca and Unidad soldiers are deadly. They are quick to respond when you miss your shot and if you are not well equipped, too bad mate, this won’t end well… for you I mean. Since it was the first time we were playing it and we didn’t wanted to check on YouTube or the Internet for better guns, we kept on finding them and playing with the best of our abilities. At this point, being a ninja was the best of our allies. Finding genies or drones jammers in the enemies bases and marking them for my buddy was my task. It was hard, I must admit it, until THAT time. THAT time, I was using my thermal vision and I saw a big fat red thing in the screen. Then one of the guys said : “Found the drone jammer”. How could have I been so dumb? Those things glow in thermal vision like a Christmas tree.

Flor de Oro, Libertad, Monte Puncu and Media Luna were without a doubt the worst areas. Maybe not the worst; cause you can get serious upgrades for your loadout, but the harder ones. I must admit one thing though, I haven’t played since the last update, spending my time between Fortnite and Farming Simulator. But speaking of this wonderful game (Wildlands) makes me want to put some Sicarios to their last sleep.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Gaming LAD

What We Want From Ubisoft.

Yeah. Dear Ubisoft. I don’t know if you will ever read this; if not… it’s too bad. If yes, please be aware that; PvP is cool but not great. Some of us don’t actually like PvP at all and would like to have more content to the original story. Maybe bring back old Ghosts (I’m not talking about Fallen Ghost) I’m talking about “Old Ghost” as Sam Mitchell in Advanced Warfighter. Maybe make a story were the chopper got hit by a rocket when he was escaping from Juarez and he got taken prisoner/hostage. Now we leave Bolivia to go save him and guess who is back in business but this time with the Mexican cartels? Sueno. It’ll be a great add to the main story and your fans will be more than pleased with this! The PvP mode have been improved with ranked matches and everything. Yeah. You got it right this time. But The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege already got that. Instead on focusing on the PvP, GIVE US MORE CONTENT IN THE STORY MODE! Maybe I am just talking for myself here, but please Ubisoft, make this happen!


What Else The Community Want From Ubisoft.

Over the last few days, I’ve been asking questions on the Wildlands community Facebook pages about what players want and what could be “good” ways to improve the game. Here are some of the discussed improvements we talked about.

  • Jumping, We are playing an elite Ghost who can jump from a chopper from 20 000 feet in the air but can’t step over a rock? Can become almost invisible to his enemies but get stuck in holes between mountains? Can run 20 kilometers without even sweating but can’t climb on a little edge 3 feet over his head? Yeah. We, as gamers, are tired of this! Ubisoft, you need to patch this ASAP!
  • The Predator, For those of you who haven’t done it yet, here’s a few tip how I have done it. Took me 4 days to find the correct settings on my gun after a lot of curses, swears, maybe a little tears and almost a controller. (Maybe I did a prayer or two either)
  • Weapons, My personal favourite is the M4. You can find it in Flor de Oro. But I soon realised that even with the full automatic mode, it won’t do it! So I changed for my second favourite. The SIG556 LLama. (You can buy it in the Ubisoft store).
  • Rate of Fire, Full automatic mode only! Even if like me, you are used to play single shot and always aiming for the head; that won’t do it. Numbers of hits and large numbers of bullets will be the key here!
  • Handling, If like me, you like to have more accuracy than handling, this time, it won’t do it either. Boost your handling. Better handling, quicker reaction. Quicker reaction, quicker shooting. Quicker shooting, better chance of killing. This is your best bet here mates!
  • Grenade Launcher, Some people will tell you to equip the Grenade Launcher. I call BS on this. Yeah, it does a lot of damage… when you hit your target. Predator is way too fast to rely on that launcher!
  • Rebels, You are aware that, we bust our asses for those Rebels and this treacherous bastard of Pac Katari. So, you might want to “add” them to your squad. Call for a support group. BEFORE entering the area where the Predator is or you won’t be able to do it after. Order them around, let them take bullets for you, as they are only pawns.
  • Sweating, Swearing, Cursing, Praying, Crying, Those are in fact like the 5 steps of grievance. At first, he will make you sweat. As you can see him, only using your thermal scan, you’ll always be on your guard. After he’d killed you about 4 or 5 or 10 times, you will start to swear. Don’t hold that anger. It only makes you angrier and it could be hard on this poor controller who have done nothing wrong to you! When you will realise that swearing won’t do nothing, you will start to cursing, using those big bad words your mother have forbidden you to use.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Predator

After all this anger thrown towards a fictive A.I., you will need to redeem yourself. There comes the praying. Trying to save what’s left of your damned soul and trying to convince God to give you the force to complete this mission. When all of this is done and you will have finally completed the mission, you will get down on your knees and tears of joy will start coming down on your cheeks, a smile upon your lips and you will save and close the game and won’t play it until 6 or 7 days later, exhausted from all the energy lost in that battle!

Of course the last part was to put a funny side to the game as I see many gamers rushing with the Predator. Ubisoft did a great job but they have some patches and some work to do to make an epic game!

That’s it for me!

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