Games With Gold Super Mega Baseball 2 Review

Games With Gold Super Mega Baseball 2 Review

May’s instillation of Xbox’s Games With Gold celebrated the start of the baseball season by offering Super Mega Baseball 2 from Metalhead Software for free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Here is my Games With Gold Super Mega Baseball 2 Review.

Having played (and thoroughly enjoyed) the first edition of Super Mega Baseball, I was excited to see this title hit the free market, especially since Xbox does not have a real MLB-licensed game, like The Show. While the Super Mega Baseball franchise may look silly and ‘cartoony’, with their oddly shaped players and over-the-top stadiums, it gives players a high level of customisation on and off the field.

The first thing I noticed was the ability to create custom teams, players, leagues, seasons, and elimination tournaments. Players can create their very own big leaguers (both men and women) and put them on their own team where they can customise the team name, logo and even their uniforms. Once you create a team, you can bring that team into a standard or custom season or try your hand at local or online exhibition games.

Games with Gold Super Mega Baseball 2 review

Super Mega Baseball 2 Ego Meter.

The difficulty level, known as the Ego meter, is also extremely customisable, allowing players to change the difficulty (from 1-100) on an overall scale as well as individually for batting and pitching.

Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay.

Gameplay for Super Mega Baseball 2 is tons of fun, and having played the first edition of the game, I was already well versed in the batting, pitching, and fielding styles. Although, this edition was much more solid and well-rounded than the original. If you are new to the franchise, the gameplay may take some getting used to.

Games with Gold Super Mega Baseball 2 review

As a batter, your reticle follows the movement of the pitch for the most part and you have to time you swing in order to make solid contact with either a power or contact swing. When it comes to pitching, players will select a pitch style (2-seam Fastball, Curveball, Change-up, etc.), then hold the cursor where they want to throw it while considering the pitch movement. Fielding however, can be a little tricky, as the players move towards a ball on the ground or in the air but sometimes not completely, so users will have to control their avatars in some instances.

Is Super Mega Baseball 2 Good?

What I like most about Super Mega Baseball 2 is the amount of statistics the game keeps track of during a season. You can track your players’ batting average, earned run average, stolen bases, and a plethora of other in-depth stats that you could follow on a real major leaguer. There are also injuries and fatigue that will impact a player’s performance on the diamond, as well as a “Mojo” rating that changes in the middle of a game that determines how hot or cold a player is.

Without a really good officially licensed MLB game, Super Mega Baseball 2 is definitely worth the free download and will provide baseball fans with everything they could want in a baseball game from fun gameplay to in-depth stats.

Verdict: 8/10

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