Games with Gold Death Squared Review

Games With Gold Death Squared Review

The back end of Xbox Live’s Games with Gold free game of the month for July is a pretty straightforward puzzle game titled Death Squared, developed and published by SMG Studio.

Death Squared Gameplay.

Death Squared puts players inside of a virtual world controlled by a level tester named David and an AI named Iris. You control two to four different coloured (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) cubical robots. Players use each analog stick to control one of two robots and use the triggers to switch between three or four robots if you are controlling that many.

The banter between David, Iris and the player is quite funny. David gets frustrated with you if you do not move any of the robots for a certain period of time, or he encourages you when you are getting closer to solving a puzzle. It really brings some fun into the game as you are trying to navigate your way through each level.

Games With Gold Death Squared Review

Death Squared Objective.

In order to pass the levels, you have to move each robot to their colored pad on the map. Levels become increasingly difficult as you progress through each of the 80 two-player player levels or 40 four-player levels. However, the maps are easy to read and you can go as slowly and methodically as you like.

Although you can play the game completely on your own, Death Squared gives you the option to add another controller and have a friend take over a pair of robots while you move the other two. This definitely makes the game more fun, as you are shouting tips and trying to work in tandem to pass each level. It can also cause arguments since your partner can cause you and your whole team to die without you having any say.

Games With Gold Death Squared Review

Death Squared Traps.

As you progress, the game becomes littered with traps such as spikes, moving floors and platforms, laser beams, and more. Many of the traps are colour-coded the same as the robots, meaning that colour of robot is immune to those traps. This adds another layer of complexity to each level, as one robot may be responsible for blocking a trap or laser beam while the other robots scoot to safety.

There is one thing you should know about Death Squared: YOU WILL DIE. And the game keeps count of exactly how many times you have died to ramp up the frustration of the players.

Often times I found myself dying in a level due to trial and error trying to figure out what each trap is, how they are activated, and how to safely pass through them. However, if you die too many times David gets angry and starts changing up the game by adding more traps or altering the game in another way.

Games With Gold Death Squared Review

Death Squared Verdict.

Originally priced at $14.99 and taking up a little under 1GB of space, Death Squared is definitely worth the free download and can make a really fun party game for when groups of friends come over.

Verdict: 7/10

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