Final Fantasy 7 Remake Podcast

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Podcast

In today’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake podcast, we talk about the burning questions we have that Square Enix have left us contemplating. With no news on FF7 Remake, it’s left many fans scratching their heads, wondering when we are going to hear something concrete.

Today we talk about the possible Materia System that Square Enix could present us with, would it work and would the fans be happy. We also take the same approach on the Battle System as we know is will be an action-based battle system, will it work? We also explore the Gold Saucer and potential that the mini games have to be expanded, there’s also a little talk on multiplayer being implemented in the Gold Saucer.

Will Aeris die? How will the game depth be expanded? Bigger world map? Roads? Explorable forests? We all give our two cents on these topics along with with what the graphics will be like in 4k.

Well that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be bringing some more Final Fantasy related content in the near future. Please feel free to drop by my social media channel below if you’d like to discuss the article with me. Also don’t forget to join the thousands in our Final Fantasy HQ Facebook group.

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