Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC Podcast

FF7 Remake DLC Podcast

Today Roymario was joined by fellow Final Fantasy enthusiasts StewTube, MegaHarv and SuperDerek discussing the potential FF7 Remake DLC that could be implemented in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. FFVII has so much untapped potential and we all agree the Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC shouldn’t effect the main storyline but what would make FF7 an even better game than first time around in 1997?

We talk about Character lore and how DLC would add depth to the original. There is a lot of story lines that people would love to know more about. From Cloud’s journey to Midgar and meeting up with Barrett. To Seto and the Gi Tribe and the attack of Cosmo Canyon. Could Sephiroth have his own spin off DLC following through the 1997 classic, watching how he slowly grows out of control. Did he control Jenova or did Jenova controll Sephiroth?

This is just a selection of what is discussed, so here is the full podcast. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to the guys as well.

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