Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Could Cloud Kill Aerith?

cloud kill aerith

Most of you by now will have experienced the ending of Final Fantasy 7 Remake by now, for the one who haven’t this article is going to have major spoilers regarding the ending and this is your spoiler warning. If you would prefer not to hear any spoilers please click away now and save this article for a later date.. With that being said let’s Mosey!

So there is doubt the ending of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has left the community confused and also divided. I think it’s fair to say there are strong suggestions that the remake won’t fall into line with the FF7 original story. We’ve seen Sephiroth play a pivotal part in the Midgar episode which he was never part of in the original storyline. There’s a clear element that Cloud and the team have defied destiny, by defeating the arbiters of fate, there’s talk of Sephiroth time travelling to try and change the timeline and even a multiverse theory which I really hope is NOT the case.

One thing that really gets me thinking is if these theories are true then I believe there’s a chance we could see Cloud kill Aerith instead Sephiroth and I’m going to take a closer look at the reasons now. So I think it is important to discuss a few key things to explore this theory fully. I want to discuss the arbiters of fate, Sephiroth and the whole timeline.

So firstly the arbiters of fate’s role in the remake is clear, they are an extension of the Lifestream put in place to protect the timeline and make sure Cloud and the team follow their destiny. They have always pushed the team in the right direction. When Cloud first meets Aerith in Chapter 2 they scare her off, as in the original she leaves before the Shinra soldiers arrive. The time they are seen in the sector 7 slums, they purposely stop you from getting to 7th heaven too soon and you can see they actually make Jessie injure herself meaning Cloud would be recruited for the sector 5 mission and ultimately fall through the church roof after defeating Airbuster to meet Aerith.

They then stop Aerith from falling off the church balcony as she is meant to escape through the roof of the church with Cloud. They drag Cloud away from Hojo before he learns of his past too soon, they stop Barret from dying after being stabbed by Sephiroth in the president’s office. It’s clear they pop up whenever events diverge from the original and try to ensure that those events unfold as they did previously.

At the very end the team face 3 whisperers, Rubrum who wields a sword, Viridi who uses hand to hand combat and Croceo who fights with guns. The in-game description describes the trio as entities from a future timeline tha fight to protect the future that gave shape to it. Clearly these whisperers are future entities of Cloud, Barret and Tifa making sure destiny prevails.

Sephiroth on the other hand is trying his best to defy fate at every given opportunity. He invites Cloud through the portal to encourage him to defeat the whisperers and asks Cloud to lend him his strength and defy destiny together.. both signs that Sephiroth is trying to change the future as he knows fate means he doesn’t succeed in his plan to destroy the planet.

So if Sephiroth does have all that prior knowledge he will know that killing Aerith is the downfall to his success. Killing her releases the power of Holy which saves the planet. So he’s clearly not going to do that. We all know it has to happen to save the planet and if you revert back to the original Cloud nearly kills Aerith just before Sephiroth does. Until Barret and Tifa tell him to stop.. and the way episode 1 has played out I cannot see Sephiroth doing it.

In my opinion Aerith has to die to save the planet but let’s face it, we all know how it happens and yes it would be hard to watch but it wouldn’t be a surprise. I personally think we will see Sephiroth stand down, shocking us all. But just when you think she’s safe, at that moment I feel Aerith and Cloud are going to have a moment we’re they both realise she must die and Cloud is actually going to kill her..

This would be a horrible turn of events I know but just when you thought you’d saved her, you let your guard down emotionally and then WHAM! recreating those same feelings we had back in 97. I personally think it would be an amazing twist!

In summary do I think this is a plausible theory? Absolutely..

We know that destiny has already been changed. We have seen Sector 7 rebuilding, in the original it remained inhabitable. Biggs is alive and well, although it doesn’t confirm if she’s alive or not, Jessie’s headband and gloves are seen on the table next to Biggs. Wedge we know originally survived the plate falling but since he entered the Shinra building his status remains unknown Zack, Clouds mentor is seen to survive the Shinra soldier encounter which originally saw him die in Crisis Core and Stamp the Shinra propaganda mascot is a different breed of dog.

So who’s to say this theory couldn’t be true or Aerith’s fate has changed entirely.

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