Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle System

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle System

Welcome back to my Final Fantasy 7 Remake series. Today we are going to look at the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle System that has been confirmed and will be implemented. We are going to take a look at what we have learnt so far from the information received and also look at some realistic concepts that could be used.

There has been some new information released this week which some of you might, well, not want to hear.

ff7 jenova absolute

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Have Action Based Battle System.

In a new interview with Dengeki PlayStation Magazine, the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura talks about how the battle system is in fact action based rather than command based.

This was something that was partly shown in the released gameplay and won’t come as a shock. It is great to see Nomura come out and confirm this and give us some more information about the Remake.

But it does mean it is going to be different to the original Final Fantasy 7 Battle System. I am a big believer that Square Enix should not be changing any of the core components that made Final Fantasy 7 so iconic, but are we jumping the gun a little and not trusting the game developers to come up trumps?

If we approach it with an open mindset, is there a chance Square a Enix could give us all those game gripping, iconic moments with enough of a twist to make the game modern enough to appeal to all ages?

Let’s face it a lot of Final Fantasy 7’s fan base are 30+ but Square Enix have got a bigger target audience, so making the game appeal to all ages is pivotal.

ff7 One Winged Angel

Was the Final Fantasy 15 Battle System that bad?

Now I’m not saying the Final Fantasy 15 Battle System was the best, nor am I saying they should use it in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but it wasn’t that bad. Where I personally felt it was lacking was the actual skills and abilities available. I mean weapons with built in abilities, to the add to your limited skill wheel.. I say skill, you could hack and slash your way through the game. I Honestly couldn’t tell you of any combinations or ways I defeated certain bosses or completed the game. Keeping the Final Fantasy 15 battle movements and adding summon, magic, item to a skill wheel could potentially work.

ff7 Birth of a God

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle System Graphics.

How good are battles going to look? I mean seriously, I cannot wait to see Cloud’s Omnislash, Barretts Catastrophe, Summons, Ultima and Comet to name a few, in action in a 4K action based battle system.

It will however be intriguing to learn a bit more on how these will be implemented. Will magic jus hit active and moving enemies? Will summons fight alongside the team, rather than replace them?

One thing I’d really love to know is will you be able to fight with 4 character in an active squad or will it be 3 like the original? And whilst typing that question above, if we can have 4 player parties, will Aeris die? If so there isn’t many characters left to

Swap and change with.. AND with me thinking about that, would Square Enix introduce any new characters? They will probably expand the storyline some what, so adding some more characters would be fun!

Biggs, Jessie or Wedge anyone?

ff7 cloud sephiroth final battle

There are so many questions that need answering but one thing we can all agree on is what we want as fans. we want more news!


Well that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be bringing some more Final Fantasy related content in the near future. Please feel free to drop by my social media channel below if you’d like to discuss the article with me. Also don’t forget to join the thousands in our Final Fantasy HQ Facebook group.

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