Bright Memory Review

Bright Memory Review

I didn’t know who I was or why I was there, all I knew was that I had to kill everything. Well mostly anyway.

Bright Memory is a first person shooter game released in January 2019 on steam as an early access title developed in the Unreal Engine 4, from FYQD Studio Personal Studio. From what I can gather it was developed by a single person. Considering that it is an amazing feat considering I have played AAA titles and been let down quite a number of times. With twelve years of development this game is slowly becoming something great.

Bright Memory Story

The story is quite a simple story, a case of good guys vs bad. The main protaginist Sheila is working for SRO ( Science Research Organisation) to prevent SAI ( a military organisation) from obtaining a legendary ancient power that could reawaken the dead. The story isn’t really explained in the story at all. I had to read the Steam store page of the game and its Wiki page to get information, but with that being said it is early days and has a long way to go in its development.

The games begins with you breaking into some sort of secret base and are immediately thrown into combat with SAI. You quickly progress in your mission to stop them but are teleported to the “Land Of Sky”. A big incredible world with floating islands scattered around which gives you a feeling of discovery. It really is a pretty world.

The enemies in Bright Memory

Your main adversary is a man named Carter, presumably the leader of SAI or at the very least a high ranking officer. He is trying to gain the ancient powers and you are trying to stop him and his organisation of well trained soldiers weidling very advanced equipment including some soldiers using personal teleporters.

The Land Of Sky also offers its own types of enemies from some wildlife like wolves and giant bats to these humanoid creatures and skeletons soldiers which are quite strong and unwavering in their attacks against you. They attack at melee range but one of the bosses does have some ranged attacks which prove to be difficult in avoiding.

There are several bosses at this stage, Liu Wu a giant wolf creature, Xi Qu sort of like a rat/gnoll creature who wields an axe and there are two main bosses. The Forest Keeper an armour cladded humanoid wielding a shield and sword and Xing Tian who is a god wielding an Axe and several abilities to disrupt you and attack you at range.

God Xing Tian who is the last boss proved to be extremely difficult as the arena you fight in is very small your always surrounded by his minions and the arena has fire traps as well, and to make matters worse after you kill him he respawns stronger and you have to fight him all over again. I fell that was a massive cop out but I did really enjoy the fight because it was challenging but in my opinion not very frustrating.

Bright Memory Gameplay

The gameplay is extremely fun and fluid. For me it felt like Devil May Cry meets Warframe. You are very agile and have several weapons and abilities at your disposal. You have three guns, an assault rifle, a shotgun and a pistol, which by the way I had no idea about until I accidently pressed the wrong button and found out I had another gun aside from my assault rifle. I wasn’t prompted with a change weapon button and after the opening scene with my pistol my rifle came out. I think I was twenty minutes in before I realised.

You also have a sword but it isn’t like most games where you swap to it, the sword works as a timed ability where you can unleash devastating damage in a short amount of time. Other than the weapons you have several abilities/powers. One is like a light grappling hook but it can only be used on very specific things and the game will prompt you when you can use it otherwise a message with populate saying invalid target.

Your main ability is called EMP. Its pretty much a massive blast that comes from your hand dealing huge damage and has a crowd control effect of knocking enemies into the air. There is also a time freeze ability and a lightning ability both I did not get to use in my playthrough. Attacking always feels quite impactful aswell.

The way to get ammo was unknown to me for such a long time in my playthrough. When you kill an enemy a light object falls to the ground and when you pick it up it gives you the currency to unlock and upgrade your abilities but says nothing about ammo. That is where you get your ammo. I was very confused as to why my ammo wasn’t running out and kept topping itself up.

My Thoughts on Bright Memory

To be honest I had an amazing time with this game and I do strongly recommend it. However being an early access title there are always going to be issues, the only bug that I encountered was a big bug, it wouldn’t let me progress in a level. I had to reload and do the area again three times for it to work but thankfully it did work in the end. The game is also very short but with that being said the price is low.

In total it took me about an hour to finish Bright Memory Episode One. So if those things don’t bother you (they didn’t bother me) I would recommend this game. It’s fun there is voice acting but its in Chinese there are English subs and it was just a great overall experience and felt quite satisfied when I was done. I really hope this keeps getting developed.

If you would like to checkout my playthrough of Bright Memory before you buy it, check out my channel below

Rating 7/10

Written By: Jack Adam-De-Villiers | YouTube

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