BlazBlue Lore

BlazBlue Lore

Hello all and welcome to the Lorebrary! Bad jokes aside let’s dive right into this chapter of BlazBlue Lore. With the upcoming release of Arc System Works BlazBlue Cross Tag battle right on the heels of Dragonball FighterZ, I felt that I would help alleviate some of the confusion with BlazBlue.

When it comes to fighting games most of us tend to talk about the characters that we love, tactics that we use, and the competitive nature of the game but, BlazBlue…. It’s a whole different ball of wax. This games has a story that most seem to she away from talking about and being a huge fan myself, I wanted to see if I could figure out why. The story of this game is at first glance just a jumbled mess and the word convoluted doesn’t seem to properly describe it but, upon further investigation and research you’ll find that this game has a story so deep and so encompassing that it is known to rival the story lines of great titles such as Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid….. yes a fighting game… with that kinda story….. mind blown! In this we will cover the events leading up to the creation of the Blazblue world. Let’s start at the beginning.

BlazBlue Lore

BlazBlue: The Beginning.

In the world of BlazBlue there is an artifact, The Azure. Which is basically the power of Creation and Destruction, it can be likened to the abilities of an Omnipotent God. The Azure seems to work by manipulating Seithr. Things need to be destroyed into Seithr, then new things can be created out of Seithr. What is Seithr you may ask well it’s an invisible substance that has always been present in the world. It is harmless to living things in small doses, but large doses cause living things to deteriorate.

Time moves strangely when surrounded by compressed Seithr. Seithr has been described as ‘Particle Type Programs.’ It’s suggested that all things are formed out of Seithr and everything can be broken back into Seithr, making Seithr the building blocks of creation. The Azure rest within the boundary of space that surrounds the Azure and is connected to all the alternate universes. The Boundary appears as an infinite dark space, illuminated by any living that enters it. The “Edge” refers to the space between the Boundary and a universe. The edge of the Boundary is where its effects are least powerful.

The Boundary is very mysterious. It’s filled with Seithr. In theory, one can see and travel to any possible timeline/world from the Boundary. But only people with incredibly strong souls can spend even small amounts of time in the Edge without being reduced to their soul, much less in the Boundary itself. Confused yet? HA! It only gets worse before it gets better! Let’s move on shall we?

BlazBlue Lore

Amaterasu & Tsukuyomi Unit.

So within The Azure lies the Amaterasu Unit: The most powerful Original Unit that stays directly in the Azure. It’s full abilities are unclear, but it at least has the power to rewrite reality through Phenomenon Interventions. Its purpose is to manage reality/time and create. This “Master Unit” it has two other units aside it. They are Tsukuyomi Unit : The Ultimate defence, it’s a giant shield of light that can be remotely controlled by its user. Its purpose it to protect reality/time and Amaterasu’s creations and the Susano’o Unit

It can destroy reality/time without the risk of creating a paradox. It’s purpose is to destroy reality/time/Phenomenon and Amaterasu’s creations. Think of not only slashing you out of existence but, erasing you from time it’s self……like you were never born. Now that scares the crap outta me. Anywho back to where I was. So then it seems that the Susano Unit developed a soul or perhaps the soul of it’s user is trapped within (they are not very clear on that). This soul began to hate the Amaterasu unit having devoloped free will. Through this he began to hate being bound to the Amaterasu unit.

Lacking the ability to destroy the Amaterasu’s creation or surpass the Amaterasu the Susano’o rebeled and split in twain. The body was the Susano’o unit but, the soul separated and become the progenitor of the time warping problems that consume the world of BlazBlue. Yuuki Terumi. Back on terra firma, Human scientist found the Susano’o unit deep in the boundry. Drifting aimlessly. It prompted the detection of Amaterasu. Figuring out it’s endless power to alter reality and the shape possiblity. It’s was a true God for all intensive purposes. After oberservation mankind found that Amaterasu was an object…. A creation, Of something or someone and as we all know, an object can be used and manipulated.

Takamagahara System.

They first tried to manipulate it with the Takamagahara system. A super computer program equipped with three AIs, tasked with observing the Amaterasu and finding someone to overthrow it. It could control and manage Amaterasu’s power to a point but, not to its full potential. The Takamagahara could rewind time, it could not intervene or change events or possibilities created by Amaterasu. To perfect this process and actually be gods or gods like them, mankind would have to obtain the true Azure. This would prove to be difficult because you mankind couldn’t simply ask for it due to Amaterasu being deep in the boundary. Even creatures of incredible power describe the boundary as a fate worse than death. Like being erased from time. Only these creatures could traverse without being erased from time line but, then there was still another issue.

BlazBlue Lore

Prime Field Units.

The Amaterasu only acknowledged beings with a human form. With this in mind mankind started experiments and making the Prime Field Devices. The first would be known as the origin and would make contact with Amaterasu and would become its eyes. The origin could then acknowledge Amaterasu and even interfere with the rewriting of history. This caused a change in the Prime Field Units and they became self aware. They began to have a free will and mankind fearing their new found power, waged war against them. The dolls wanted nothing more than to live a normal life as a human. Mankind in fear or stupidity fought against them. Man had the upper hand in numbers but, that was it. The Prime Field Units had the upper hand in all other aspects. They were tougher, had stronger combat abilities, and the origin could even rewrite time.

Man turned to the advice of a vampire, Clavis Alucard. Man developed a weapon that would nullify the powers of any observers and their interference. The now known as The Sealed Armament Izayoi, having the power of this weapon mankind could now face the Prime Field Units. Mankind destroyed Amaterasu’s eyes and casting them back into the boundary. Although victory seemed assured this act did not neutralise the devices.

BlazBlue Lore Black Beast

The Black Beast.

At wits end mankind decided to use something (Blame Arc System Works for not going into detail as to what they used) to mass produce a self observing weapon. It was based off the Izayoi, this weapon would become known as the Black Beast. This beast didn’t care who or what it destroyed, if it was in its path. No creature was safe, the beast destroyed…..everything. At the end of its rampage there was nothing left but, a destroyed hull of a world. This is what Mankind wanted however, all they needed to do was get the true Azure to finish Takamagahara and rebuild the world.

They could stop everything that they created, make them never exist. They could recreate the world as they seen fit all while retaining the power of god. Their idea of mankind’s ideal world would live on but, there was an error. The world was already being recreated by the origin. After being casted back into the boundary she made contact with Amaterasu and become its pilot. All the bad that she had seen from man, she still wished for a mans world. Takamagahara was being for lack of a better word, used and now couldn’t just oppose Amaterasu due to the origin becoming its pilot. So using the Seithr that had been the Black Beast, an embryo was formed. With a large reality warp a new world was formed, using the memories and the information from the old. This is how the current world of Blazblue was formed.

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