5 Things You Didn’t Know About Final Fantasy VII

With the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake one of the hottest topics in current Square Enix fans circles, let’s just say, it’s got the old retro gaming taste buds tingling. Hey now before we get started with this let me point out, yes, some of you may already know about some of these things. One of the things that makes this game so amazing even in today’s standards is the replay-ability factor. It seems like with every playthrough a player can always discover something new. I recently completed a play-through using a guide as it had been many years since I had picked this game up and I had started a streaming channel and was hoping for 100% completion. I discovered a few things that I wasn’t aware of. So, for the less hardcore fans out there here are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Final Fantasy VII.

ff7 world map

W-Magic and Quadra Magic Combo.

This may not be the most powerful materia combination in the game but it really goes to show just how amazing the materia system was when compared to other things like Final Fantasy X`s sphere grid system or Final Fantasy XII`s job system. W-magic is a command materia that allows its user to cast two magic spells in one turn, right? Then you also have the Quadra magic materia that when combined with a magic materia allows the user to cast 4 of that paired spell in one turn, you DO see where I’m going with this RIGHT? So here is how it works! When your characters turn comes up select the W-Magic command and then be sure to select the spell that is paired with Quadra magic and YES! You can now cast that spell up to 8 times in one turn for the MP cost of 2! I highly recommend attaching a Quadra magic to a Master magic materia but if you don’t have one you can always attach it to comet which already hits an opponent multiple times with one use. At no point in the game does it give you any indication this is possible which goes to show you how many endless combinations there are with the materia system. This combination will go awry when facing Sephiroth at the North Crater for some reason.

raid on midgar

Raid on Midgar Skip Trick.

This little tid-bit will come in handy for all of you speed runners out there! Most scenes in Final Fantasy VII that do not include cloud actually do include Cloud, He`s just invisible. Yes, you read that right he`s invisible. Assuming you had the right tools, you could strip away different textures and layers during scenes to find a random Cloud sitting in the corner creepy right? The developers then disabled the players ability to move Cloud. This is to ensure that a player cannot simply exit the area in which an important scene is taking place. Ironically during the raid on Midgar there is a scene in which the remainder of Shinra`s top brass are meeting in a conference room and the developers forgot to disable the players ability to move the again invisible cloud. You can simply walk out the door and skip the entire raid on Midgar and warp your way to the fight with Hojo. Just be warned you will miss out on a lot of the best loot in the game.

Fort Condor Phoenix

The 20 Battles of Fort Condor.

The majority of players generally pay a visit to Fort Condor just as they exit the Mythril Mines and lend a hand in the defense of the Condor and shortly head off on their journey`s soon after, until its time to head back for the Huge Materia of course. However, after nearly every event in the game you are given an opportunity to return and yet again help defend the condor. Each time you are awarded with different prizes however, some of these prizes are mislabeled in the dialogue box that alerts you that you are being given something. Some of these include X-Potions literally being blank text, Hi-potions labeled as potions, and Ethers being labeled as Tinctures (Which is a healing item from Final Fantasy VI).

It is important to note that some of the events that trigger an opportunity to participate in a Fort Condor Battle are rather strange and convoluted for example: When entering into the water with Mr. Dolphin but before blowing the whistle? Or speaking to Shera in Rocket Town but then making sure not to speak to her again after Rufus and Shinra show up for the rocket ship? Its all kind of odd, almost as though the developers added these battles after the game was finished. The strangest thing about Fort Condor is that there are actually 5 battles that trigger but they do so at a time in the game that the player is unable to gain access to the world map so no matter what you do you cannot participate in them.

ff7 Junon

Taking the Buggy to Junon.

This trick is used to obtain Aeris`s level 4 Limit Break Great Gospel but I will go into that at a later time but for those of you that don’t know you can actually drive the Buggy that Dio gives you all the way back to Costa Del Sol and load it into a ship and take it back to the first continent. You literally just drive the buggy right into Costa Del Sol like literally CRASH it into the town you don’t need to exit the buggy. You will enter the town just like normal, go talk to the sailor standing in front of the ship and pay the fee. You will then travel to Junon just like normal, simply exit the town and once on the world map you will be inside the buggy!

Sephiroth One Winged Angel

End boss HP increase Trick.

For those of you that want a little extra challenge when facing the final boss here is what you can do! When fighting Jenova Synthesis while inside the northern crater at the end of the game if you cast KOTR on her this will automatically give Bizzaro Sephiroth an additional 60,000 HP as well as Safer Sephiroth an additional 80,000 HP. When fighting Bizzaro Sephiroth each time you kill its head it boosts Safer Sephiroth`s HP from 80,000 all the way up to 400,000

That was 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Final Fantasy VII now dust off that PS1 and go check some of this out! See if you can discover a new quirk that you didn’t notice before! Be sure to say a prayer that Square Enix doesn’t create a disservice to the masterpiece that is Final Fantasy VIII.

If you can’t wait for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, be sure to visit the first of many articles here, covering FF7R – Materia System.

Artwork by LP Cheung

  1. I have completed this game many times over the years, I did not know about skipping the raid on Midgard (not that I would want to.

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