10 Things Massive Need To Improve In The Division 2

10 Things Massive Need To Improve In The Division 2

Gaming has progressed a lot since The Division originally came out, gaming mechanics have changed and technology has improved gaming developers abilities. So naturally The Division feels a little outdated in areas, such I want to raise of few points that could improve the agents of The Divisions gaming experience. Today we are going to discuss 10 things Massive need to improve in The Division 2.


Clans in The Division 2

I am really hoping this is a thing in The Division 2. Straight away games like Destiny spring to mind. I do feel Massive could go one step further and introduce a truly remarkable faction based feature.

Imagine being able to recruit up to 100 people from across the world, and everything they done in game earned the clan exp toward its own unique levelling system. Unlocking weapon camos, team colours, patches and apparel. Monthly clan wars were clans had to compete in a certain game mode like last stand. Moving up leaderboards and ranking systems. And rewarding top 100, 50 or top 10 places accordingly.

Let’s face it, it would add some depth to all the game modes, making them all worth playing that little more, which would in return make people out more hours into the game and if there was a competitive side to The Division 2, it would probably self promote with content online on YouTube and Twitch which I’m sure Massive wouldn’t disagree with.

The Division Matchmaking

Better Matchmaking in The Division 2

There’s isn’t much to say on this point really. It’s no secret that the matchmaking could be a lot better when it comes to game modes like Survival and Last Stand. Finding 16 agents to fill a lobby can sometimes become somewhat difficult. You can find yourself sitting there for quite a while before a lobby fills up so the gaming experience in this certain aspect could be better.

The Division Currency

The Division Pointless Currency

We all knew this would inevitably crop up at some point. Yes it was good to have different currencies in the game to give versatility to the game modes. But when there is nothing worth buying, they become.. well, pointless! So in some respect it’s not entirely down to the currency. Gear drops and vendor are as much to blame if not more.

Dark Zone Credits for instance give you the option to buy weapons, gears and mods from vendor spread around the Dark Zone. But the problem here is Massive have gone for quantity over quality. I suppose pointless vendors drops are just as much to blame here and if we had rotation of classified gears within the vendor stock it’d make the currency less pointless.

It would be better if there were fewer vendors that were hid away in the depths of Dark Zone 9 that had amazing weapons and classified gear, but cost 250,000 Dark Zone Credits each. So you’d have to grind like mad to get them before the weekly vendor reset.

The Division 2 no Rogue button

No Rogue Button in The Division 2

They got many thing wrong with The Division that was no secret, and one of the worst decisions they made was to make a rogue button. That’s right you had to tell the world and his dog you were about to go rogue giving any rival agent plenty of time to set up to defend themselves or to run like the clappers!

I think the whole community are in agreement when I say that the Dark Zone lost a lot of its identity with the introduction of the rogue button. It doesn’t feel as intense when you pass other Agents and the extraction points felt more like a meet and greet than a Wild West standoff… the fear factor has GONE!

This is probably one of my main concerns going into The Division 2, and I’d like to think Massive would do right by the community and return to the old school way but what worries me is they still have it implemented currently. Which to me, suggests they’re happy with the mechanics in place.

The Division 2 loadouts

The Division 2 Loadout Wheel.

So in an ideal world, since the Rogue button is obsolete, there is now a spare space available, so why not add loadouts to it. I do feel going into your inventory, whilst standing idol to change loadouts is a little tedious. So adding interactive wheel with your saved loadouts would make the combat feel a little more natural and in return would keep a fast paced gameplay which the majority of our list is angling towards.

The Division 2 Sealed Caches

Open all Sealed Caches in The Division 2

There is nothing more annoying and time consuming than having to open every single sealed cache.. not only do we have to open them individually but that few second intermission as you hold your interact button just adds insult to injury. Talk about kicking a man whilst he’s down.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to add a piece of code that can open multiple caches at once giving you the same percentage in drop rates for gear. Again it will keep a fast paced feel to running the Dark Zone keeping more agents running the landmarks and extractions. Keeping everyone as active as possible. Because let’s face it, when you’re nipping into a checkpoint to clear your stash you know you end up dicking around for half an hour.

The Division 2 tap to interact

Tap to Open or Interact

You have to keep your finger on the interact button to open caches, chests, doors, clear manhunt and so on and so forth. Yes this my not be a major thing but it’d give people time to check the map or change loadouts, checkout some loot you picked up or deconstruct on the fly. In addition to that, it’d give you time to reset you grip and get ready to make your next action, whether it be run a certain way or shoot a potential enemy.

The Division 2 autorun

Auto-run in The Division 2

In more modern titles like Fortnite, they have an auto run feature. Meaning you can double push forward and your character will persevere like a pissed off Liam Neeson when his daughters been kidnapped. This will give you time to check your inventory, change loadouts but also let you check the map when you’re looking for landmarks to clear OR Rogues to wipe out in the Dark Zone.

The Division 2 open map whilst moving

Open Map Whilst Moving in The Division 2

This kind of couples up perfectly with the auto-run feature, again in newer titles like Fortnite already have this implemented. In Fortnite you can open a light and transparent map and still move with the left analog stick on console, using the right stick to navigate the map and your bumpers to mark a location.

Again for being able to target Rogues or pin point places of interest this is one of the features I’ve talked about today that I really hope is implemented in The Division 2. Whilst we are on the subject, setting waypoints should be made more visible for the whole team. That’s one thing that was really annoying especially when playing with ransoms who didn’t have a mic.

I know I keep mentioning Fortnite here but there’s a reason why it’s the biggest game in the world right now. Keeping down time to a minimum is key and if it means Massive taking a leaf out of someone else’s, successful book then so be it.

The Division 2 Microtransactions

The Division 2 Item Shop Microtransactions

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t talk a little bit of controversy in the form of micro transactions. They can make or break games and split communities which Massive know only to well.

We’ve got the Premium Vendor that sells quite a few things but it’s not very appealing buying loot crates were you can potentially get some okay cosmetics. But one thing I can’t understand is why Massive didn’t release weekly or at least monthly cosmetic items like, skins, emotes and camos, again a bit similar to way Epic have with Fortnite.

I don’t really look at what other Agents are wearing in The Division, they aren’t noticeable enough. Making some inspired bundles which include full skins, backpacks, hats, masks and camos would be more appealing and make Massive a pretty penny.

Microtransactions like this aren’t intrusive in the slightest, they don’t suggest a pay to win ethos and they are entirely down to the consumers digression. It would also be nice if they daily, weekly and monthly challenges had these type of rewards in their caches as well. Making them more appealing. If clans or factions are added, it will also give them a chance to kit themselves out in team colours.

If there were inspired character skins available that resemble Johny Rambo, John Wick or John McClane I wouldn’t hesitate in adding them to my collection.. more to the point, why are all movie heroes called John, I’ve literally only just noticed that..

The Division 2 Review

Final Thoughts

I really do feel The Division is a little dated compared to other fast paced titles but I do understand this game was in production many years ago. Times have changed and I hope Massive change with them. We are in a lot more fast paced environment. No longer are players having to to stand still whilst in combat to change loadouts or while trying to decide where to go on the map.

For the players who like a casual approach that is all still available. This does not change anything were people will outside of their comfort zone. In fact it helps everybody out fundamentally. I know some points you guys may feel I’m nitpicking but my passion for the game makes me critique all the little things. And if those little things make our gaming experience better then I’m all for that.

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